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Sworn translation of legal texts in English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan.

Our translation service’s speciality is sworn translation of legal texts in the broad sense, or rather any document to be used for legal purposes (public or private) and which, in consequence, must be translated with the utmost clarity and diligence. For example:

a) Documents relating to competence, birth, civil status, family and inheritance

  • Birth, marriage and death certificates, family record books, certificates of existence and bachelorhood, and any other Civil Registry document;
  • Passports, driving licences, Criminal Record certificates and other documents certifying identity or legal status;
  • Marriage contracts, settlement agreements, separation, divorce and nullity decrees, resolutions relating to child abduction proceedings, international adoption, etc.;
  • Wills, certificates of Last Will and Testament, Probates and Letters of Administration, Acceptances of Inheritance and any other document relating to inheritance procedures.

b) Commercial documents, Powers and contracts in general

  • Minutes and resolution certifications of General Meetings and Boards of Directors;
  • Annual accounts, reports and management forms;
  • Public deeds relating to company operations (incorporation of companies, increase in share capital, dissolution and winding-up, etc…) or other matters pertaining to commercial companies;
  • All types of contract: civil, commercial or other (general contracting conditions, purchase and sale, leasing, agency, distribution, employment contracts, etc…) and powers, public or private.

c) Documents relating to real-estate operations

  • Deposit, rental and purchase and sale agreements;
  • Land Registry certificates and Property Registry certificates, building certificates, Planning Permission certificates, valuation reports, etc…

d) Documents relating to judicial proceedings

  • Claims, petitions and additional documents, summons, appeals, bank statements, etc…

e) Transcriptions of laws, regulations and general rules

f) Other documents which must have legal effect

  • Academic records and certificates, medical histories, etc…

** ** The documents aforementioned normally require the translation to be sworn, which means certified by a professional with a university qualification who, after passing rigorous exams, has been appointed as a sworn translator by the Spanish Foreign Office and is registered with the Office of Language Interpretation and with the Consulates of  the countries whose language they translate.
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