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Traduservice LegalText – Legal translation and interpretation services

TRADUSERVICE LegalText, S.L. is a company created by law professionals and sworn translators with the aim of offering diverse legal operators (law and accounting firms and departments, financial intermediaries and estate agents, Public Notaries, businesses and individuals) a highly specialised, swift, quality legal translation service, for all types of legal document, TRADUSERVICE translation management.

As legal experts, we have a perfect understanding of the demands of legal translation. Our translators combine a command of the relevant languages, requisite to any translator, with the additional requirements of a knowledge of law and of the peculiarities of multiple legal systems, indispensible in achieving the greatest accuracy in the shortest possible time. Hence our motto: linguistic precision to a deadline.

In order to accomplish this objective, our team is made up of lawyers from multiple jurisdictions and sworn translators. Furthermore, our method is based on the fact that all our translations are prepared or corrected by professional natives of the target language and, in all cases, are supervised by legal experts.

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